In November 2007, I was 50 years old. My three kids had grown into respectable adults. They make me very proud. I was just starting to enjoy that “empty nest” with my wife. Life was good! Then WHAM, Stage 4 throat cancer! I discovered I had a fight on my hands. With the help of family, friends, and the incredible doctors and nurses at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI, I was able to win my battle with cancer.

Stop and think for a moment. How many people do YOU know who have been touched by cancer? Is it five, ten? Could it be as many as twenty people? Is it a family member, a friend, or someone you work with? The sad truth is we all know far too many people who have had to battle through the affects of this crummy disease.

My family, in particular, has been hit hard by cancer. My Mom died from a complication of breast cancer at age 56. Four of my sisters and a niece are breast cancer survivors. I lost a cousin to the disease just as I was starting my own battle. Believe me, I’ve seen enough! So, I decided to do something about it. I started the Spierings Cancer Foundation to provide financial support for families affected by cancer, to enhance medical care for cancer patients in the Fox Cities, and to fund cancer research in Wisconsin.

But this isn’t my foundation, this is my mom’s foundation, it’s my sisters’ foundation, and if you, or your family, have been affected by cancer, it’s your foundation too. Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, HELP A FAMILY, and we will ROCK CANCER!!

Life IS Good,
Jim Spierings
President, Spierings Cancer Foundation