Funding Cancer Research in the State of Wisconsin

Spierings Cancer Foundation helps raise funds for cancer research in the State of Wisconsin. Roughly 20% of the funds we raise is used to benefit cancer research in Wisconsin.

Funds raised by the foundation have established a Genetic Research/Counseling service at Affinity Heath System. They have also been used to purchase a software program that links the genetic counselors at Affinity with the City of Hope Cancer Research Center in Duarte, California.

In addition, we have worked with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center’s Head and Neck Cancer Task Force. To fund research of head and neck cancer and provided seed money for cancer researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Also have contributed towards the cancer research clinical trial program at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay.

Spierings Cancer Foundation is always looking to provide grants for important cancer research. If you would like to submit a grant proposal, please contact us at Jim Spierings or fill out the following form: