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Rock Cancer Committee

Rock Cancer would not be what is it with out the help of our awesome committee. Meet the people who have made Rock Cancer what is it for since 2009.

Linda Bons – Is our main organizer of the over 300 volunteers who donate their time at Rock Cancer every year. Linda’s work starts many months before the concert. This is a day to day hands-on project organizing our volunteers, making sure all time slots get filled with the proper amount of people needed to run our event successfully.

Steve Bons- Is our engineer. Steve helps with any maintenance needed before and the day of Rock Cancer. Light setup, kids play set up, fixing, inventing, whatever we need for the concert, Steve is our go-to man.

Mary Chapin – Joined out committee two years ago. The first year she helped wherever she was needed. Food tent, kids area, ticket sales. We learned fast of Mary’s marketing and organizational talent. Mary helps us with our marketing strategies. She also plays a big part in our Raise to Rock hour at Rock Cancer.

Rob Eiting – Rob has very important job—THE BAR. Rob take great care in making sure we have cold beer at the concert. Rob also takes part in organizing the coolers for the reserved tables, and is also in charge of the Pink Fire truck that comes to visit every year.

Margie Nelson – Is a big part of the awesome Rock Cancer designs we create every year. We rely on her to find new apparel ideas that keep Rock Cancer up with the new trends. Margie organizes our apparel displays and sales the day of Rock Cancer. She also helps out throughout the year with keeping our website up to date.

Sue Schommer – Plays a part in just about everything. We can always count on Sue when something needs to be done. Day of concert Sue is in charge of our money flow. She also helps in many other areas, raffle baskets, raffle tickets, food tent, kids area.

Todd Schommer – Takes care of our music, sound and lighting. Without Todd we would not have the 'Rock' in Rock Cancer.

Abbey Spierings – Is our creative person that makes us look good. She manages our social media and photography. Her professional talent has brought Rock Cancer and Spierings Cancer Foundation to a level that has exceeded our expectations. She knows firsthand how to get information out to our Rock Cancer fans.

Lori and Barry Stumpf – Come with great connections, energy, knowledge on how to run a food stand. Lori and Barry do an awesome job organizing our food tent at the concert. Lori does a lot of running and ordering of food through the year to prepare the food area. When it comes to the day of Rock Cancer, Lori and Barry run like crazy to keep up with everyone’s appetites.

Cathy Van Deurzen – We love to see why you come to Rock Cancer. Cathy takes care of making sure your loved ones are with us at Rock Cancer by proudly displaying them on our cancer dedication screen. Over 400 pictures are shown on our screens throughout the day and she has them organized to a "T". Cathy is also in charge of the 50/50 raffle and picnic table judging.

Scott Van Deurzen – Manages our picnic table reservations and assigning the perfect spot in the park for your party to enjoy the day. Scott and his band Straight Chuters have also been a big part of our music since the beginning of Rock Cancer. We are excited to let you know they will be entertaining us again this year.

Kathy Verhagen – Is our committee secretary and task manager. Without Kathy our concert would not run as smooth as it does. Kathy also takes care of all of the raffle donations for the concert. Organizing all of the wonderful donations we receive and pull together awesome baskets for everyone to bid on.

Mark Verhagen – Mark is the guy we can count on to get things done. He helps with setup, take down and anything we need the day of the concert. Mark is always a hard one to find the day of the concert, he is always on the run with getting everything in its place and in working condition.

Jen Verstegen – Joined our committee 3 years ago. She jumped right in with her fun and friendly personality. Jen is in charge of the I CAN-SUR FIVE 5k walk, and the kids area at Rock Cancer. She works hard on making our event family friendly, Jen does a great job putting fun in Rock Cancer.

We invite you to support our efforts.


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